Hospital Waste Management

Our company is committed to providing competent, affordable consulting services to Pacific Northwest healthcare waste and hazardous material managers. With nearly 20 years’ experience in northwest healthcare waste and hazardous material management, we can assist you with managing pharmaceutical, dangerous, universal, Special, biohazardous, radioactive and solid waste as well as wastewater and hazardous materials (materials which are flammable, corrosive, toxic, carcinogenic, cryogenic, asphyxiants or persistent in the environment).

We are a wholly-owned company of P. W. Grosser Consulting, Inc. of Long Island, NY with offices in Fremont and Redmond, Washington.  PWGC has extensive civil engineering experience in water and wastewater systems.

Alan Jones, PhD

Alan Jones, Dir. of Healthcare Compliance

Hospital Waste Management was founded in 1997 and consults with hospital and clinic waste, hazardous material, environmental services, infection control, safety, and facility managers.  We conduct mock surveys, assist you in designating your dangerous and hazardous waste, provide instrument waste characterization, compile waste and hazardous material management plans, assess staff formaldehyde exposure, prepare annual dangerous waste management reports and pollution prevention plans, and train your staff in hazmat emergency response.

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Hospital Waste Management

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Marie Mendes

Marie Mendes, ID | Project Engineer/Branch Mgr

Kelsey Jones

Kelsey Jones, Field Technician